We are Robyn and Jacob, and we thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. 


Words cannot quite express how very grateful we are that you are considering us as parents for your precious baby.  We deeply respect and admire your decision to search for a family, and we know that your decision to create an adoption plan for your child is an act of courage and love. We can only imagine how incredibly overwhelming it is to choose an adoptive family for your baby.  We hope after reading about our family and our lives, it will make this difficult decision easier.  And we hope you feel comforted knowing that your baby will have a life full of opportunities, laughter and, most importantly, parents that will feel they have received the greatest gift of their lives.  We will love your baby unconditionally. 


Our family is built around love, fun, silliness, communication, extended family, adventure, and lots of joy.  Whether it's a walk that we take just to explore the neighborhood, a long conversation over a homecooked meal, a gathering with family or friends, a vacation filled with new experiences, or relaxing on the couch, our life together is one we love and cherish.  We dream of the day when we can share our fabulous life with a child to whom we can give our unconditional love and support.  


Spending time with each other is our favorite thing to do, and parenting together is our greatest dream.  We have been dreaming of having a child to love and cherish for many years.  Our lives are happy and full of adventure and love, but we have a lingering ache in our hearts for the child that was meant to share our life and love.  We are excited to add the next chapter to our story when we fill our life and our home with a child!  


We realize that this letter and our website will only give you a brief glimpse into our lives.  We hope you are interested in learning more about us, and we welcome the opportunity to talk or meet so that we can get to know each other better.  Please feel free to call, text, or e-mail us.  


We wish you the very best on your journey.


With love and respect,

Robyn and Jacob 

Robyn and Jacob Wish To Adopt